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High Sierra Walk-A-Belt
For Discriminating Pets

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White Pine Outfitters, Iron River, WI - For Discriminating Pets  
Our High Sierra Walk-A-Belt makes walking or running with your dog easier. Or, clip a lead or two into the carabineer and enjoy your favorite beverage while you walk. If you run with your dog, your hands will be freed for better balance in running. Whether walking or running the High Sierra Walk-A-Belt makes it easier to counter those sudden lunges after a squirrel or rabbit, and saves on your "upper arm assembly".

Fit: We strongly recommend wearing the High Sierra Walk-A-Belt on your hips. (It is not a waist belt.) Personally, I prefer mine over the pelvic bones, with the top edge of the belt lined up with the top edge of my pelvic bone. With the belt on your hips you are relying on your skeletal system for support and, hips are a woman's center of gravity. If you will be wearing the belt over heavier winter clothing take that into consideration when deciding your size.

Features: Our 2" Soft Web padded with polar fleece makes the belt 3" wide overall. Padding helps hold the belt on the hips. New reflective webbing on back side of the belt reflects light at night. Sturdy metal d-rings sewn onto each side of the belt for attachment of water bottle, cell phone, or pick-up baggie holder. Other items such as keys, clicker, etc. can be attached here.on back of belt. Easy on and off via a nylon side release buckle or an all metal closure in our new Heavy Duty High Sierra Walk-A-Belt. Available in two adjustable sizes.

Washability: Our belts are machine washable and will not shrink. We recommend removing the hardware to protect your washer.

Safety: The High Sierra Walk-A-Belt is not a device which allows you to walk more dogs than you normally would. It is a device that allows you to more comfortably walk the same number of dogs that you now safely walk.

NEW! Now with reflective webbing on back of the belt!!

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January 17, 2020       10:45 AM US Central
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